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Empowering and encouraging women
through life changing events.
Latrice Lovelace (President)

Latrice Lovelace, PMP has over 15 years of marketing and administrative experience, which includes a project management background. She has a diverse background that encompasses numerous industry segments which include: Finance, Health & Wellness, Education, Retail, and Non-Profit to name a few. Mrs. Lovelace is a professional with experience in marketing, project management, business analysis, and management. She is the founder and CEO of LVisions Marketing Consulting. LVisions provide marketing consulting to business owners that drive new business using low cost strategies.

Latrice has developed successful marketing programs which generated substantial new business and opportunities. She has strong analytical, problem solving, project management, and organizational skills. Mrs. Lovelace earned her B.S. Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and currently holds a certification in Project Management.

Latrice is most proud of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and Army Veteran. She has overcome many challenges in her life to include divorce, domestic abuse, and blending families. She has a passion to inspire women live their best lives and to trust God in spite of what they may face.

Vernessa Eley (Vice President)

Vernessa Eley has over 25 years in the financial services and FINTECH industry with expertise spanning specialty sales, product development, management and commercialization. Mrs. Eley is the founder and CEO of Thriving Ink Connection located in Atlanta, GA. Thriving Ink Connection’s mission is to provide tools to help people connect with themselves and thrive through a balanced life. Through Thriving Ink Connection, Mrs. Eley is a transition life coach, motivational speaker, writer, and offer guidance and tools to any wanting to thrive. She hopes to share the breadth of these skills with VPH Women of Success.

Vernessa Eley is the Vice President of Vision Power House Organization, Inc. and shares the collective vision with the other founding board members of helping women thrive. Vision Power House’s mission is the perfect fit for the work Mrs. Eley does through Thriving Ink Connection. Vernessa Eley is a graduate of Jackson State University with a B.S in Business. She is a certified Life Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is also in the Resonance Spiritual Director Program.

Vernessa is a child of God, mother, wife, daughter, sister and a practicing thriver in life. She is a living example that not only can you persevere, but that you can thrive after divorce, abuse, low self-esteem, and depression.

Cynthia Lewis (Treasurer)

Cynthia Lewis is a divorced mother of two and a grandmother to her 1-year old grandson. She loves spending time with her family and friends but reading and traveling is her passion. She’s not afraid of taking on new challenges that comes with new opportunities.

Cynthia is a graduate of University of Phoenix obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and her Master Degree in Business Management at Colorado Technical University. She has over 12 years in the Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections field.

She is well-rounded individual who loves GOD, lives with passion and grace, and is dedicated to being the best person she can be towards herself and others.

Pamela James (Asst. Treasurer)

Pamela James has been married for 41 years and to her growing family she has 3 kids and 7 grandchildren. Pamela is also a 5-year bladder cancer survivor, who strive to help educate people recognize early symptoms of bladder cancer and other cancer issues.

She is a graduate of Skadron College of Business, San Bernardino, CA where she obtained her Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business.  She is an individual who lives with passion, dedication and grace.

Her professional experience of over 30 years has focused on business administration, client relationship management, and Mission team support.  Her problem-solving skills and attention to detail shine through her work. In her free time Pamela (Pam) loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, cooking and facing new experiences. 

René Murray (Volunteer and Mentorship Coordinator )

René Murray, a grandmother and a mother of three, while raising her family, obtained a Dual Diploma and Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from Chattahoochee Technical College.

René holds the Secretary position with Vision Power House, (VPH), as well as, currently working as a Senior Technical Support Specialist. Her professional experience consists of over 28 years in customer service, executive assistance, document production, desktop publishing, and database management. René is also a DoTERRA health advocate for a holistic way of living. She has a strong passion to educate and assist others with meeting and achieving their goals.

Learning to press through health and life challenges can be difficult but can be done. Pressing through with encouragement from others can make life journey lighter than going through alone. René handles day to day situations, some day’s may not be easy, getting out of bed is a press forward, while dealing with lupus, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. René stays very close to her faith, prayer, family, and dear friends, along with the desire she has to help and encourage others.

René believes to always strive to be a better and happier you, while helping others. You never have to walk alone. Family may not always be blood related but those that are willing to hold your hand and walk through with you.

Charita Cook (Asst. Event Coordinator)

Charita is a devoted single mother of two wonderful sons. They are my greatest accomplishment so far. While raising them alone, God showed me that I had more strength than I realized.

Charita discovered her passion for cosmetology as a very young child and has always had her hands in someone's hair throughout the years. While raising her children, she managed to obtain her Master Cosmetology License and complete her education to become an Instructor in the industry.

Charita has 15 years of experience serving women, managing salons, and building special relationships with those of different ethnicities. Her goal is to educate and elevate women. In her free time, she loves to travel, spend time with friends and family, cooking, and baking.

Sabrina Allen (Event Coordinator)


Sabrina holds a unique talent for bringing the best out of people. This skill gives people the passion for finding something extra inside of them that they didn't know they had, which will take them to the next level in their evolution. She enjoys working with a diverse community to help people to grow in every phase of their lives.

Sabrina is a graduate of LaGrange High School. She attended West Georgia Technical College, where she received her Information and Office Technology degree.  Sabrina also gained her CBA, Credit Business Associate from the Atlanta Business Institute. She has extensive experience in corporate credit management, office administration, social services, and event logistics. Mastering the science of preparation, directing the transfer of materials, and intangible services make her the perfect fit for her role on the board of VPH.

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